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2023-11-01 02:06:01
本文摘要:Last September, Jean Liu, president of Didi Kuaidi (now Didi Chuxing), had the unenviable task of explaining why it was losing huge amounts of money in a subsidy war with Uber, with no end in sight.去年9月,滴滴慢的(现改名为滴滴上下班)总裁柳青(Jean Liu)的棘手任务是,说明该公司为何在与优步(Uber)的补贴大战中亏损巨额资金,而且这种状况看到完结的迹象。

Last September, Jean Liu, president of Didi Kuaidi (now Didi Chuxing), had the unenviable task of explaining why it was losing huge amounts of money in a subsidy war with Uber, with no end in sight.去年9月,滴滴慢的(现改名为滴滴上下班)总裁柳青(Jean Liu)的棘手任务是,说明该公司为何在与优步(Uber)的补贴大战中亏损巨额资金,而且这种状况看到完结的迹象。Rather than duck, she took the question head on: “We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for burning cash,” she said.她没自由选择规避,而是直截了当地问: “不烧钱我们回头将近今天这一步。”She was right, and continued to be so. The oft-quoted line became an anthem for Didi, as it went head-to-head with Uber in losing billions of dollars subsidising riders and drivers in a bid for market share.她的话在当时是对的,现在仍然是对的。随着滴滴与优步短兵相接,为争夺战市场份额不择手段亏损数十亿美元补贴乘客和司机,这句常常被提到的话变为了滴滴的凯歌。

Finally, Ms Liu, credited as the brains behind Didi’s ability to raise money and burn it at a jaw-dropping pace, was vindicated this week, as Didi vanquished Uber in a war of nerves (and cash).上周,随着滴滴在这场胆略(及资金)的对决中完全打败优步,柳青再一证明了自己的准确。人们指出,滴滴需要筹集资金并以令人瞠目结舌的速度烧钱,就是她在运筹帷幄。

Uber is retreating from China, albeit with a 20 per cent stake in Didi, after losing $1bn last year, though Didi probably lost even more. Uber “has done better than any Silicon Valley company in China”, she said charitably, in a joint letter to Didi staff with Cheng Wei, the company’s chairman.去年亏损10亿美元之后,优步正在撤离中国——尽管其取得了滴滴20%的股份(滴滴去年有可能亏损更加多)。在与滴滴首席执行官程维公开信发给滴滴员工的一封公开信中,柳青盛赞优步是“历史上硅谷公司在中国做过最差的”。The Harvard and Peking University-educated scion of a Chinese tech dynasty, Ms Liu sits at the nexus of the Chinese and US technology aristocracies — her father is Liu Chuanzhi, who founded Lenovo, the computer maker that bought IBM’s PC business in 2005 and subsequently became the largest PC maker in the world.毕业于哈佛大学(Harvard University)和北京大学(Peking University)的柳青是“科二代”,身处中美科技巨头的中枢——她的父亲柳传志创办的误解(Lenovo)于2005年并购了IBM的个人电脑业务,随后沦为世界仅次于的个人电脑制造商。

Ms Liu told the Chinese press that she followed the life plan laid out by her father — study abroad and work abroad to gain experience, but then come back to China.柳青曾对中国媒体回应,她仍然遵循父亲为她制订的人生规划——出国留学,在海外工作以累积经验,然后返回中国。After a masters at Harvard in computer science, Ms Liu cut her teeth at Goldman Sachs, starting in 2002 as a junior analyst and working her way up to managing director. She quit banking to join Didi in 2014, and promptly made her mark by masterminding the merger between Didi and Kuaidi, which was then its chief rival.取得哈佛大学计算机科学硕士学位后,柳青重新加入高盛(Goldman Sachs),2002年从初级分析师转行,一步步晋升为董事总经理。2014年,柳青离开了银行业加盟滴滴,并很快作出了成绩——策划滴滴与当时主要竞争对手慢的拆分。

As president at Didi, sharing power with Mr Cheng, Ms Liu became the international face of the company and its chief dealmaker and fundraiser through the Uber “cash burn” wars.柳青在滴滴兼任总裁,与程维联合接掌公司。在这个方位上,她沦为滴滴在国际上的代言人,并在滴滴与优步的“烧钱”大战全过程中统率交易和筹款事务。

The best advice from her father, she says, was “don’t listen to what investors say, but what they do” — and while Didi’s financiers continued to press the company to stop the costly price war with Uber, they still poured money into the company.她说道,父亲给她的最佳忠告是,“不要听得投资者说什么,而要看他们做到什么”——虽然滴滴的投资者仍然在呼吁该公司暂停与优步展开代价高昂的价格大战,但他们仍将大量资金投入滴滴。In May, Ms Liu won a $1bn investment from Apple — a rare mark of approval from the iPhone maker. She went on to raise a further $6bn for Didi in June, a record for a Chinese start-up.今年5月,柳青取得了来自苹果(Apple)的10亿美元投资——这是一少见之荐标志着这家iPhone制造商对滴滴的接纳。6月,她又为滴滴筹得60亿美元,刷新中国创业型企业筹资记录。As one of the most prominent woman leaders in Chinese tech, Ms Liu also made waves last year when she announced internally that she was being treated for breast cancer at the age of 37. A Didi spokesperson said Ms Liu is now “fine”.作为中国科技业最著名的女性领导者之一,柳青也曾在去年引起轰动——时年37岁的她在公司内部宣告自己正在拒绝接受乳腺癌化疗。

滴滴发言人回应,柳青现在“很好”。“She has been in all-in mode for quite some time,” she said.“很长时间以来,她仍然正处于全身心投放的状态,”她说道。

This week, however, she was barely seen and gave no press interviews other than the joint letter and a bland press statement, leading to questions about why the friendly, English-speaking face of Didi was publicly absent during the company’s biggest foreign acquisition.然而,上周,除了那封公开信公开信以及一份四平八稳的新闻声明,她完全没现身,也没拒绝接受过任何媒体专访。这不已让人困惑,为什么滴滴这张平易近人、谈英语的面孔并未在滴滴展开它仅次于的一笔海外并购期间公开发表露面。

“Management is now focusing on internal communications and integration,” said a spokesperson for the company.滴滴发言人回应:“管理层现在于是以探讨于公司内部的交流与统合。